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Therapeutic Practices

Individual Therapy

Holding Hands

Group Therapy focuses one educating members about their conditions and providing them with new coping strategies. Group provides support and a sounding board which propels group members to move forward. Groups promote social skills, and helps the members identify with each other as well as not feeling alone with the conditions they have. Groups instill hope and a sense of belonging.

Group Therapy
Family Therapy

Family Therapy looks at the entire family, a deeper dive into the families understanding of one another. Supportive family therapy focuses on creating a safe environment where family members can openly share what they are feeling and get support from one another. Goals related to family therapy would include strengthening families ties, improved communication and manage conflicts within the family.

Individual therapy is a joint process between Therapist and Client. In this one on one environment, I will provide safety and confidentiality giving my Client the freedom to explore any pain points or changes they are open to.

Individual therapy can help people overcome obstacles to their well being and can increase positive feelings such as compassion and self esteem. Common goals of individual therapy can be to inspire change or improve quality of life. Many find they enjoy the therapeutic process of becoming self aware.

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